due COVID-19 and the current border restrictions Your Podiadtrist will be cancelling their next two upcoming Edenhope clinics (Monday August 3rd and Monday August 10th).
We apologise for any inconvenience this causes.


The Podiatry Department is located in the Elsie Bennett Community Centre. 

Hours of Operation

2 days per month.

Appointments can be made by phoning  Your Podiatry on (08) 87620 601. 


No referral necessary.

What do Podiatrists do?


  • Podiatrists are specialists in foot health and are trained to diagnose, prevent and treat foot disorders. 
  • A podiatrist provides foot care to high risk people such as those suffering from circulatory disorders, Diabetes and Arthritis.
  • Podiatrists also treat children and elderly people with conditions such as ingrown toenails, nail deformities.
  • They can correct or compensate for deformities associated with walking patterns. 

It’s estimated that in one day we take an average of 7,000 steps.  In our lifetime that adds up to 120,000 kms—about three times around the Earth.

A little regular care will help to ensure your feet last the distance.

Who can attend?

Everyone is encouraged to make use of the podiatry service.

Children, adolescents and the elderly can all benefit from podiatry care.

People with diabetes are particularly encouraged to attend a podiatrist regularly.  Diabetes can interfere with circulation of blood to the feet and impair the sensation in our feet.  Poor circulation makes it  difficult for the body to repair damage being done.  The loss of sensation means no pain, and no pain means no warning of problems.  The importance of proper foot care preventing complications in the diabetic is widely recognised.