Maternal Health

Shared care midwifery

Shared care midwifery means that some women will have the option to share some of their pregnancy visits between their Doctor and Midwives at their birthing hospital with our local midwives at the hospital who are passionate about retaining some midwifery services in the community to reduce the burden of travel for mothers with small children. There is an option for women to access antenatal care through the Edenhope Medical Clinic as a point of entry to maternity care services when pregnant. It is a shared care option where women and their partners can see a midwife for eight of their ten antenatal visits during the course of their pregnancies. The other two visits will be shared with their chosen GP hence the term shared care.

We have built up a relationship with the Wimmera Health Group so that mothers can have routine check-ups in Edenhope through our midwifery team with all results entered into the BOS electronic system so that a complete record is available to all of the care providers when you are visiting you doctor or midwife. This will have the benefit of reducing the amount of travel that is required by the mother.

The added bonus of the Shared Care Midwifery model is that the midwives will be able to provide the additional time to answer any of your questions or concerns. The midwives also are able to book you in through Edenhope to have your baby at the Wimmera Health Group.

We are currently working with the Western District Health Service in Hamilton to establish a similar program for the mothers in our community who prefer to birth in Hamilton.

To establish if shared midwifery is right for you first discuss this with your Doctor.

Appointments are available Mondays and can be made through the Edenhope Medical Clinic by phoning 55859888.

Pre Natal Classes

Pre Natal classes are offered on site on a needs basis.  If you would like to register your interest please contact the Medical clinic on 03 5585 9888.

Post Natal Care

Our midwife will visit you in your home following a referral from your birth Hospital.