Laundry Service

At EDMH our focus is on getting you better and not to worry about having clean pyjamas.  We provide a full laundry service at the hospital at a small charge which can be send out via an account at the end of your stay. Please speak to the nursing staff to have this organized for you.
Costings for the service include

Item & Price
Pyjamas: 0.75c
All underwear: 0.30c
Blouses: 0.75c
Dresses: $1.00
Hankies: 0.10c
Track pants: $1.00
Dressing Gowns: $1.00
Shirts: 0.75c
Nighties: 0.50c
Socks: 0.20c
Skirts: $1.00
Trousers: $1.00