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EDMH is a one stop shop for health care in the surrounding community and provides a range of on-site hosts and visiting specialitsts.  The aim is to provide as many services in the communtity as possible to minimise the amount of travel that people need to undertake to stay healthy.

Services include:



a right to access the health care you need.


a right to receive safe and high quality health care.


a right to be shown respect, and to be treated with dignity and consideration.


a right to be informed about services, treatment, options and costs in a clear and open way.


a right to be included in decisions and to make choices about your health care.


a right to privacy and confidentiality of your personal information.


a right to comment on your health care, and to have your concerns addressed.


click here to go the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights

¨Be treated with dignity including the right to have your religious, cultural and spiritual needs respected.

¨Receive care and treatment appropriate to your age, gender and condition.

¨Be in a Safe environment.

¨Have your privacy respected and the confidentiality of your personal information protected.

¨Have access to a wide range of services.

¨Receive treatment based on your clinical need.

¨Have clear information about all aspects of your condition, care and treatment.

¨Have the opportunity to discuss decisions made about your care and treatment.

¨Have access to an interpreter if necessary.

¨Have your concerns about our service addressed promptly.

¨Have the opportunity to refuse care and treatment unless for some legal reason it is compulsory.

Urgent care services (UCS) are located in small rural communities where higher levels of trauma care are not available.

UCS provides initial resuscitation and a limited stabilisation capacity prior to early transfer to an RTS or MTS”  - or admission to the local hospital

(RTS=Regional Trauma Service or MTS=Major Trauma Service)

People presenting to the Urgent Care Department are triaged by a registered nurse

In the event that patients do not require urgent or emergency nursing or medical assistance, an appointment should be arranged with a general practitioner during business hours at the hospital medical centre on Lake Street, or their local GP.

In an emergency call 000

There are so many ways you can help out at the Hospital

For more information on being an EDMH Volunteer or for details on how to apply please refer to the Volunteer Information Booklet  or call the Executive Assistant on (03) 5585 9806. 

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At EDMH we want to provide the best service that we can.  We rely on the community for assistance with this.

Ways you can help us improve

  • provide feedback on your stay via the Patient Satisfaction Survey sent to you after your stay
  • provide direct feedback to one of our staff or fill in a confidential complaints form
  • join our Community consultative committee
  • join our board



Staff can receive gifts under certain circumstances, there are however certain guidelines as set by The Victorian Public Sector Commission surrounding this.

please click here for more information on the Victorian Public Sector Commission website.

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