Without the support of our volunteers, numerous hospital activities may be unable to run.  Volunteers contribute to the leisure, interest and activities programs under the direction of the Kowree Nursing Home or Lakes Hostel Unit Managers, Activities Co-ordinator or the Day Centre Co-ordinator.  By assisting with these programs volunteers contribute to the lifestyle and wellbeing of our residents and clients.

Each volunteer brings a diverse range of knowledge, skills and experience based on his or her life experience, employment history and knowledge.  The volunteer coordinator is happy to discuss ways you could assist EDMH by becoming a volunteer.

Each area of EDMH runs different lifestyle programs, some of the ways you could be involved are:

Areas you can work as Volunteer

Elsie Bennett Community Centre: Assist EDMH staff to run games, crafts and/or cooking sessions, attend day trips as an assistant or driver (bus drivers required).  Share your interests with clients, walk, read or provide a willing listener.  The Elsie Bennett Community Centre provides for a range of community groups, including the Adult Day Centre, Disabled Adults Group, and various exercise groups.

The Lakes Hostel: Walk, read, listen and talk to our residents.  Assist the EDMH Diversional Therapists with their programs by being an extra pair of hands or eyes.  Assist residents by driving them to appointments or social outings.  Our staff would be happy to consider any ideas you have that may be appropriate for a Residential Aged Care Setting and will discuss this with you.

Kowree Nursing Home: While our residents may not be as mobile as those in the Lakes Hostel there are still numerous ways to help out.  Residents have access to an amazing outdoor garden area and can be taken on wheelchair walks.  Assist the Diversional Therapists with their activity program, or just spend time with residents one on one or in small groups.

EDMH is always looking for drivers, both car, and bus. 

By joining the team of volunteers at EDMH you contribute directly to the lifestyle and wellbeing of our residents and clients.

For more information on being an EDMH Volunteer or for details on how to apply please refer to the Volunteer Information Booklet or call the Volunteer Co-ordinator on (03) 5585 9800.