Community Engagement

EDMH strives to have a positive and fruitful two-way relationship with the people who do (or might in the future) use its services. There are a number of client surveys that are distributed throughout the year, as well as feedback from group sessions. Comments, compliments and complaints are also a useful tool in gaining this information from community members.

On one hand, EDMH provides a lot of information to local people in the form of brochures, written information, advice from workers, newspaper articles and other similar activities. The area that EDMH does least amount of including community voices is in planning and evaluation of its programs and services.

Consequently, EDMH is trying to be more pro-active and have better ways of talking to the community all the time to gain this valuable information for improving services. Part of the Strategic Plan 2013 – 2018 includes developing a Community Engagement Strategy by 2015 that will outline many different ways to listen to community people’s opinion, evaluations and suggestions.

Having this new website is part of that process and people can provide emailed feedback to EDMH by going to the About Us

We encourage you to take the time to make comments to our staff, through these avenues already in use or in the future activities that may be planned. Together we will make the best decisions for the future development of this valuable local health service.

Consumer Advisory Committee

This committee focuses on planning, care and treatment for the ongoing wellbeing of the community. It is about having your say, thinking about why you believe in your view, and listening to the views and ideas of others. In working together, decisions may include a range of perspectives EDMH views this as an integral component of its quality Improvement process and a valuable tool to ensure the ideas and views of the community are heard and acted upon.


  • To provide advice to EDMH on the health needs, quality, access and equity of the service and information provided to the local community.
  • To provide advice on improving service delivery and to support, encourage and facilitate local community involvement in service delivery, planning and development.
  • To support, encourage and facilitate local community involvement in the planning of health services.

This committee meets quarterly on 1st Wednesday of the month in February, May, August and November.

Members are appointed by application and approval by the Consumer Advisory Committee for period of three years.

Current members of this committee include

  • Jennifer Ackland
  • Dianne Carberry
  • Gail Hateley
  • Cecily McFarlane
  • Harry Ostendorf
  • Katrina Parker
  • Jasmine Pendlebury
  • Christopher Simpson
  • Merrilyn Simpson

Community Support

Edenhope and District Memorial continue to support other agencies that provide support for our community members. Please show support of the following networks and the role the play in assisting our community.

Wimmera Southern Mallee Local Learning & Employment Network (LLEN)

The School Friendly Business program recognises businesses and organisations that have made a commitment to supporting the education of our region’s young people. School Friendly Businesses support schools by providing opportunities for students to undertake workplace learning, allowing staff to participate in mentoring and reading programs and by being considerate of employees who are parents of school aged children. The School Friendly Business program encourages the school community to support these businesses and organisations in return.