Primary Care

Primary Care embraces all the things that help to keep people healthy and effectively managing their health issues. This covers health promotion, social connectedness, home care services, well-being activities and of course frontline medical care. There are many different aspects to Primary Care including: the staff we employ as well as visiting health professionals, other service providers in our area and how we all work together to create a safer, easier system of meeting the needs of people in the community.

Over the next five years Primary Care will be the growth area of EDMH and we hope to be able to expand our services both in Edenhope and the surrounding areas. A new Primary Health Manager will be starting work in January 2014 and this will be a major part of his role. EDMH will be looking for extra grants to work with our broader community and will need help from community members to identify the gaps in our services and help plan the services.

Those services already being provided are recognized as being the backbone of primary care currently and we hope to further enhance their programs also.