Graduate Program.

The Graduate Nurse program is a program where every year newly Registered Nurses chose a list of hospitals where they would like to do their 1st year as a nurse. The hospitals then receive this list and list the candidates in order of preference.  The candidates are then matched using a computer system and ourselves and the Graduates are notified of where they have received a placement.

In the last two years we have also been employing a mid-year Graduate Nurse. This position does not go through the computer matching process. For more information or to apply please click here to see our advertisement on seek.

All Graduate Nurses are linked in with Wimmera Health Care Group for some of their additional education.

 We have been very fortunate over the last few years to have been able to attract some excellent nurses through this program. Whilst some complete their year and then find employment elsewhere we have been fortunate in being able to retain some of these graduates who then become a part of our nursing workforce.