Support in Edenhope for those with Diabetes

Diabetes is relentless.

Every minute of every day, a person with diabetes faces decisions, thoughts, worries and fears about their diabetes and the future impact the condition may have on their health.

The daily burden of living with diabetes can be significant. It’s estimated that people with diabetes face up to 180 diabetes-related decisions every day. That’s more than 65,000 extra decisions a year.

Diabetes is a serious and complex condition that affects at least 1.7 million Australians. In these complex COVID-19 times it is more important than ever that you understand your self-management strategies.

This week is National Diabetes Week and the spotlight is on diabetes.  Edenhope Hospital is fortunate to have Helen Grummett, a credentialled and experienced diabetes educator on staff.

Helen is urging people take a free type 2 diabetes risk assessment today. – click here.

“The earlier it is detected the sooner a management plan can be put in place, and the less likely that a health complication will occur.” said Helen

“We have a team of professionals including Educators, Doctors, Dieticians, Podiatrists, Community Health Nurses, Physiotherapy and Social Workers at the hospital to work with and motivate people diagnosed with Diabetes.”

“Anyone from the community is welcome to come and meet with myself to discuss their diabetes, no referral is necessary or you may be referred by your doctor”

“We have loads or resources and plenty of tools we can provide to assist in the management of diabetes”

“Appointments are free and you don’t have to be a patient at this clinic to see us.  Appointments can be face to face (at the Edenhope Medical Clinic), via telephone or online via telehealth”

For more information on the help we can provide click here or contact the Edenhope Hospital Medical Clinic 55859888 to make an appointment.