EDMH Welcomes a new Director of Nursing

EDMH CEO Kevin Mills is pleased to welcome Joseph Bermudo to the team and believes that his experience, knowledge, and down to earth personality will be a great asset to the Hospital.

“Recruitment for this role has proven to be difficult and I am excited on the appointment for Joseph, he has a wonderful background and experience and will really be able to take us forward.”

“I would also like to thank the Exec team for their assistance and Tricia McInnis for stepping in over the past 6 months whilst we were recruiting”

Joseph, the youngest of seven, grew up with his family in the Philippines, he has spent the past 8 years in New Zealand where he has gained experience in Nursing Management.

We posed some questions to Joseph to find out what makes him tick and why he has taken on the role.

What do you love about Nursing?

That caring interaction side of Nursing is why I am passionate about being a nurse.

The ability to touch a person’s life and be able to make a difference on their health outcomes is another aspect of Nursing that I love.

A few years ago my mom was diagnosed with cancer, I was able to look after her whilst she was having treatment.  It was at that time that I really knew that my calling has always been to be a nurse.

My mom has been in remission up to present and I’m grateful that I was able to be with her during those times.

My first job as a nurse was as a volunteer in a public hospital in the Philippines.  Public hospitals in the Philippines don’t have a lot of resources, nurses must learn to be innovative and resourceful.

I love being able to help other people and through nursing you can do that in a very direct and hands on way.

The ability to look after the vulnerable sector of the society keeps me endeared with Nursing.  The wide plethora of possibilities in Nursing is also why I love nursing.

There are so many areas you can choose to focus on in nursing, these included Aged Care Nursing, Emergency Nursing, Theater/Surgical Nursing, Oncology Nursing, etc. the list goes on.

In my case I have decided to focus on Nursing Management and it’s what I’ve been doing for years now.

Why did you decide to become a nurse?

Well the original plan was to take Psychology or Pharmacology as pre-medical school degrees.  My parents wanted me to take up Nursing instead.

I was able to get into the College of Psychology but on my first day my mom asked for me to be transferred to the College of Nursing.  You can pretty much say that I was forced or coerced to take up Nursing!

Although, on my first year of Nursing I qualified as a college scholar because of my grades and soon enough I fell in love with Nursing.

What lead you to your current role as DON?

I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing (BSN) in 2006 in the Philippines.  I went on and studied a Master’s Degree in the Arts of Nursing (MAN) after graduation.  I decided to have a break from my post graduate studies after a year of doing my Master’s Degree.

In 2010 I migrated to New Zealand and got my registration to practice as nurse in New Zealand and Australia.

My passion has always been with aged care nursing and thus all of my post graduate qualifications in NZ were focused towards older people health and wellbeing.

This year I was able to get approval for funding on my Master’s Degree in Nursing towards the Nurse Practitioner Pathway, however, I had to change this plan as I have accepted the role as Director of Nursing for Edenhope and District Memorial Hospital.

I’ve been a Director of Nursing for 5 years in New Zealand prior to me taking on the DON role in EDMH.

My previous role was as a Clinical Manager for the second largest stand-alone Aged Care facility in New Zealand.

How do you describe yourself?

I am a systems thinker, I love standards and policies, and processes, I am also very organised (– this will be noted if you visit his office!!)

What do you bring to the role?

I believe nursing, as with all Health Care professions, should be continually evolving.  We shouldn’t be content with the same old practises.

It is vital as a small rural health service that we think outside the box and be the best that we can be.  I would like to see us ‘put Edenhope on the Map’ by providing the best possible healthcare.

What is the Best Part of your Role?

I am a people’s person and this role requires constant engagement, not just with patients but also with staff, I love laughing and being around people so it is perfect for me.

What are your passions?

I love to cook, I am actually a very good cook! I also love music, listening to it that is, I am not a singer!  I also love animals especially dogs.

How have you found Edenhope so far?

I love travelling and venturing out of my comfort zone.  I am enjoying Edenhope, I have visited the local art gallery and was very impressed.  I love appreciating art.