Building Project Update.

It is wonderful that the community is keen for information on the Aged Care re-development.

We are at the moment finalizing the design plans and cost plan, and with DHHS approval will move to the tender stage of the project.

We will be hoping for local trades to be used on the build to inject money into the local community.

The plans have been submitted to council for Planning Approval, a demolition permit has been issued and demolition on 122 Elizabeth street has commenced.


We will see a lot of changes and additions around the hospital site including new fire water storage tanks and a new maintenance workshop.

As we move towards the start of building it will be great to be able to recognize the contribution that the bequest from Peter Carracher has played in supporting the re-development.

The Peter Carracher Wing sure has a great ring to it.

We must also recognize the contribution that the DHHS  Rural Health Infrastructure Fund has contributed in enabling this project to proceed.

It is important for the community to know that there will be no additional cost for current residents as a result of the new building. Pricing to enter the facility will remain the same. Payments are means tested and set by Centrelink. All this information is available on the My Aged Care Website.

We will provide further updates as well as photos as building milestones are reached.

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