Activities are the go at the Lakes Hostel

The Lakes Hostel welcomes Helen Christoffelsz to the role of activities co-ordinator.

The Lakes Hostel is putting a greater emphasis on improving resident’s quality of life by giving residents meaningful and purposeful activities through their activities program.

Previous to this the Lakes Hostel ran a diversional therapy program which has always been an important part of the resident’s day.

 Helen leads the new activities program and is responsible for the annual and monthly plans. 

“All staff are involved with the program and with volunteer support it is able to run on the days that I am not at work” said Helen

“We do such a wide variety of planned activities, these include bus outing, pet visits, exercises, word games, themed events, craft activities and visits from the school children.”

The daily planned activities give residents an enthusiastic approach to their lives.  “We provide excellent basic care, but this provides a more holistic approach by caring for their emotional wellbeing also.”

The program boosts resident’s self-esteem, and generates positivity making the residents increase their self-worth and have a sense of fulfilment at this time in their lives. ”They need to have fun and laughter, as well they need to feel part of the community and society and not be forgotten about.”

“The residents do still function well on many levels, we aim to draw out the best that they are able to achieve.  I get such pleasure out of seeing their response to activities and enjoyment of the challenges”.

“It is really about improving the residents’ quality of life, the activities are designed to keep them on track cognitively and physically maintain their level of fitness and co-ordination.”

“It is so important that we care about the resident’s emotional wellbeing on top of the day to day care we provide.”

Helen is looking for volunteers to assist the staff with running the program “An hour a week – an hour a fortnight whatever you can spare. It is so rewarding and not only are you improving the resident’s quality of life you will have fun doing it and make new friends”

Information about volunteering is available on the EDMH website or you can contact the acting volunteer co-ordinator Debra Taylor 5585 9800.