EDMH accreditation's give the community confidence

Edenhope and District Memorial Hospital is pleased to announce we have received full accreditation for two health industry surveys conducted recently.


The first survey was compliance with the Department of Human Services Standards. Its focus was on the hospital’s provision of Disability Services, through our Day Centre Program.  This accreditation was received on 21st August 2017 and  involved the areas of:

  • Empowerment: People’s rights are promoted and upheld
  • Access and engagement: People’s right to access transparent, equitable and integrated services is promoted and upheld
  • Wellbeing: People’s right to wellbeing and safety is promoted and upheld, and
  • Participation: People’s right to choice, decision making, and to actively participate as a valued member of their chosen community is promoted and upheld.

There were two recommendations from the survey which were to ensure that review of our policies and procedures happens in a timely manner and to clearly demonstrate completion of the submitted quality improvement plan when submitting our next self-assessment in December 2018. The survey involved submitting a self-assessment to the department outlining our processes and systems we use to ensure compliance with the standards.

Notification of the second survey for the quality review of Edenhope & District Memorial Hospital – Community Standards was received on November 9th 2017. Two surveyors visited EDMH, and spent a day reviewing our policies and procedures, interviewing staff and volunteers, and speaking with some of the local community who use these services.  

This accreditation focussed on the areas of Social Support (Day Centre), District Nursing, and the provision of Allied Health and Therapy Services (Physiotherapy and Podiatry). We are proud to say we met all 18 out of 18 expected outcomes of the Home Care Standards, with no recommendation for improvement. The next review of these standards will be conducted in 2020.

Edenhope & District Memorial Hospital Chief  Executive Officer, Kevin Mills, thanked staff and volunteers for their dedication and commitment towards providing outstanding health care to the community and achieving these accreditations. He also commented on the importance of our community giving their honest feedback about the services received to the surveyors.

"I would like to thank those who volunteered to provide feedback. We welcome any feedback from the community, as it assists us the continue to improve the services we provide”, Mr Mills said.

“Achieving accreditation without a single recommendation is a fantastic outcome, and I am proud of this outstanding achievement. As part of the assessment, the surveyors highlighted the hard work and dedication of our staff and volunteers. They commented it was one of the easiest surveys they had conducted recently, due to the embedded systems under which the hospital operates, and the knowledge, skills and experience of our staff. I believe we were very well prepared for the surveyors visit, and would be on any given day.”

“It was clear with both these surveys that our service users, the patients and consumers are at the centre of everything we do, and we have a range of community engagement activities to support this”, Mr Mills said. "By achieving these accreditations, our community can have the confidence that the care they receive from Edenhope & District Memorial Hospital is safe, of a high quality and meets national standards."