New nursing faces at the hospital

Recently EDMH has welcomed 5 new nurses to their team Peter, Shirley, Sohil, Ovesh and Shiji.

Peter and Shirley are originally from New Zealand and have recently been appointed as associate nurse unit managers. Shirley is highly qualified and has been a nurse since the age of 17. 


Peter, formally a computer engineer and a volunteer ambulance before deciding to study nursing.  Peter and Shirley have spent the past 5 years nursing around Australia. 

“We came to Australia for an adventure, and we have been to nine different places around Australia over the past 5 years” said Peter

“We are not city people and we love the country.  We think Edenhope is just lovely.  Our family are excited and are already planning on a trip over for Christmas” said Shirley.

“We are having a ball since arriving here, we have visited Mt Arapiles, Miga Lake, Naracoorte Caves and Mt Gambier.” said Peter.

Shiji George is a new registered nurse. Originally from Kerala, India, Shiji has spent the past 12 years nursing in Dublin, Ireland. 

Since arriving in Australia with her husband, Shiji has spent 4 months at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne. 

Small towns is not something Shiji is used too, having only spent time in cities “It is very friendly, everyone knows everyone. The weather is much better here than in Ireland.”

“I used to travel 1.5 hours each way to work every day, now a couple of minutes and I am at work, a much better quality of life.”

Sohil has been a nurse for over 6 years in the State of Gujarat, India. He has spent the past 6 months in Australia before he and his wife came to Edenhope.

“It is very quiet here we are really enjoying it”

“The nursing side is quite different to India, in Australia the nurse patient ratio is much higher, a much better quality of care.”

“There is not much aged care in India, most of the aged care is done in home and there is more family involvement in the care.”

“Average life expectancy in India is about 70 years, much lower than here which is 82.”

“In the hospital most of the caring is done by the family unless it is acute”

Ovesh arrived in Edenhope 5 weeks ago with his wife and 3 year old daughter. “We are enjoying it here but find the cold weather an adjustment”

“Growing up and living in Ahmededabad in India, a city of 5.57 million people it is very quiet in Edenhope with just 800 people”.

“We look forward to joining in with the aussie culture. We have travelled to Robe, Horsham and Naracoorte since arriving”

Director of Nursing Tamar Howard, is pleased to see the new nurses have settled into the hospital and Edenhope well since arriving.

“They have all integrated into the team well and it is great to have them bring their experience and knowledge to the hospital.’

‘The new accommodation we can provide to these new staff has been a tremendous help in the recruitment of the nurses.  Filling positions can be challenging when we live so remotely”.

“I hope that the community joins with us to make them all feel welcome.  Say hello if you see them out and about.”

CEO Kevin Mills added “Recruiting highly skilled and qualified staff is very challenging across the health sector.”

“We had been having great difficulty in recruiting registered nurses to Edenhope and District Memorial Hospital for some time.”

“The move to rent three properties on behalf of the new staff has proven to be a major advantage. This takes away the difficulty in relocating to an unfamiliar town and the uncertainty and timing of finding suitable accommodation.”