From Sri Lanka to Edenhope

Dr Lalani Udalamatta, known in the community as Dr Lalani, has always wanted to be a doctor.  Lalani studied medicine at the Columbo University Medical Faculty, the leading medical training and research University in Sri Lanka and  Asia

“I worked in the main trauma unit for Sri Lanka, we were in the middle of war. Plenty of the doctors and nurses would work for days and days without going home.”

“Every time a bomb went off we would have hundreds of patients and bodies, we would treat patients on the floor, you just had to do what you could do. I will never forget that.”

“ There are plenty of highly qualified doctors in  Sri Lanka, but the facilities and hospitals are very poor,  it is the opposite to Australia.  The systems are very different, people here do not realise how lucky they are”

“A GP in Sri Lanka would see around 150 patients a day, documentation is not as important over there, the doctors also had a lot more help.”                                             

Lalani enjoys study, “In our culture education is very important, we are very driven”

“When I was young no one in our family worked in the medical industry – now there are doctors in all my siblings families.”

In 1998 Lalani moved to New Zealand.   There she underwent a further 2.5 years of study to enable her to register there as a doctor.

From there while working as a full time Emergency doctor for 12 yrs she  continued 6 years of part time study and exams to complete her Fellowship in General Practice and   Diploma in Emergency Medicine.

Four years ago Lalani and her husband moved across to Australia where she worked as a locum GP in Werribee.  From there she answered EDMH’s  call for a new doctor.

 A very passionate doctor she  loves to get patients better.  “I treat all patients to the best of my ability whilst showing kindness and compassion.”

Lalani loves living in Edenhope, “it is very peaceful, I have never been in a place like this, Sri Lanka is very crowded, I like the calm and peace.”

When not studying or working Lalani spends her time sewing, gardening and making cakes.

Lalani would like to encourage more people to use the services at the hospital, “prevention is very important, come in and have a check up at least once a year.”